General Questions

Individuals and businesses trust Translation Shop. All translations are guaranteed to be exact representations of the source document(s); Translation Shop employees are the most experienced certified translators.
Rush orders are $10 extra per page. Delivery time is expedited, so orders arrive 50% sooner.
Translation Shop’s online certified translation services cost $23.99 per page, and one page amounts to 250 words (including numbers)
Translation Shop employs only the most experienced certified translators. All translators have certified Editors review the original document and any customer instructions to ensure complete accuracy. Even Google says their translation app is only 85% accurate.
While certified translations can be notarized to certify the authenticity of a signature, having a notary witness the signature does not make it certified. A translation becomes certified when a qualified translator or translating service signs off on its accuracy and confirms that a credentialed translator completed it. It is often necessary to obtain notarized translations of education-related documents, such as high school transcripts or college diplomas. Translation Shop offers notarized translation services and certified translation services when needed.
Translation Shop offers a notarized document as an add-on service ($19.95) so that all document translation requirements are met in a single transaction. Our quick and convenient translation process takes care of the translation and the notarization of the translator’s signature. Getting a document notarized through Translation Shop simply selects the notary option as an add-on when placing your order.
On the rare occasion our work doesn’t match our standards, we’d be happy to offer you a 100% money-back guarantee. We’re that confident you’re going to love our work.

Certified Translation

A certified translation is a translation of a document that has been officially recognized as being accurate and true to the source document. Certified translations are often required for official purposes, such as in a court of law, universities, Visa Applications, or for other immigration purposes, including USCIS naturalization and green card applications.

A translated document becomes certified when the translator attaches a signed declaration (Certification Statement) pledging:

  • What type of document has been translated
  • The document’s original language and translation language
  • The translator’s affirmation that they are proficient in the origin and translation language
  • The translated document is a word-for-word, complete, and accurate translation
  • The Certifier’s
    • Name
    • Signature
    • Date of certification
    • Address

Certified translations can be provided by professional translation companies or by individual translators certified by a recognized authority, such as a government agency or a professional translation association.

The process for obtaining a certified translation will depend on the specific requirements of the organization or agency that requires the translation. In general, you will need to provide the original document to be translated and any relevant information about the purpose of the translation. The translation service will then produce a translated copy of the document and provide a certificate of accuracy, which attests to the fact that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original document.

Yes, there are different levels of certification for translations. The level of certification needed will depend on the specific purpose of the translation and the requirements of the organization or agency that requires it. Generally, there are three levels of certification: standard, notarized, and apostilled. A standard certificate is typically sufficient for most official purposes, while a notarized certification may be required for more sensitive or legal documents. An apostilled certification is the highest level of certification and is typically needed for documents that will be used internationally.

USCIS Translation

  • Foreign language documents submitted to the USCIS must be accompanied by a certified English translation affirmed by a Certificate of Translation Accuracy.
  • The translation must be complete. All information from the original document must be included in the English translation.
  • The certified translation should mirror the format of the original record.
  • The translation must be correct. The content is not open to interpretation or errors.

Please meet these requirements by the USCIS to avoid case dismissal.

Translation Shop’s immigration documents translation services cost $23.99 per page. One page amounts to 250 words (including numbers)

The standard turnaround time for Translation Shop’s USCIS-certified translation services is 24 hours.

A notarized document is any document signed in front of an official Notary Public, who officiates the record in the eyes of the law. USCIS-certified translations typically do not require notarization but may. To ensure the proper type of translation is submitted, always reference the official resources provided by the receiving agency.