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USCIS Translation Requirements & Process

The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is the government institution with jurisdiction over the citizenship and immigration process. When documents required for the immigration process are in a language other than English, a translation that meets the requirements set forth by the USCIS must be presented. Translation Shop is here to assist with our immigration document translation services . USCIS acceptance of all certified translations is guaranteed.

Requirements For USCIS Translations

Common Documents Submitted to USCIS

Sample Translations

divorce certificate scaled
Divorce certificate
Certificate of translation scaled
Certificate of translation

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USCIS translation certification becomes official when the translator attaches a signed declaration (Certification Statement) pledging:
  • What type of document has been translated
  • The document’s original language and translation language
  • The translator’s affirmation that they are proficient in the origin and translation language
  • The translated document is a word-for-word, complete, and accurate translation
  • The Certifier’s
    • Name
    • Signature
    • Date of certification
    • Address
Any translator can certify a document by attaching a properly formatted Certification Statement. A professional service is recommended to avoid delays.
Since a certified translation must be an accurate word-for-word translation, we recommend using a professional service like Translation Shop to receive a certified translation online and avoid translation errors and subsequent rejection. Failure to meet the translation requirements set forth by the USCIS may result in case dismissal. In addition, the certifying translator can be held responsible for information omissions and misinformation.
  • Foreign language documents submitted to the USCIS must be accompanied by a certified English translation affirmed by a Certificate of Translation Accuracy.
  • The translation must be complete. No information from the original document can be omitted from the English translation.
  • The certified translation should mirror the format of the original record.
  • The translation must be correct. The content is not open to interpretation or errors.

Failure to meet these requirements by the USCIS may result in case dismissal. In addition, the translator certifying the document could be held responsible for omissions and misinformation.

Translation Shop’s immigration documents translation services cost $20 per page. One page amounts to 250 words (including numbers).
The standard turnaround time for Translation Shop’s USCIS certified translations services is 24 hours.
A notarized document is any document signed in front of an official Notary Public, who officiates the record in the eyes of the law. USCIS certified translations typically do not require notarization but may. To ensure the proper type of translation is submitted, always reference the official resources provided by the receiving agency.