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Translation Shop specializes in high-quality certified USCIS translations that meet official standards. Our team of certified USCIS translators can accurately translate your documents into over 80 languages while retaining the original formatting.

USCIS-certified translation converts foreign documents into English, verified for accuracy by a professional translator. It includes a certificate confirming the translation is complete and meets USCIS standards. The certificate has the translator’s credentials and contact information.

Certified USCIS translation is required for USCIS to accept and approve applications and petitions requiring foreign documents. It’s a critical part of the immigration process.

We provide fast service, with certified USCIS translations in just 24 hours. Our simple ordering and rapid turnaround eliminate delays for your immigration needs.


Our certification package provides:

Certificate of Translation


Hard copy mailing (upon request)

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Our Certification Process for USCIS Translations

Professional Translation

Your documents are translated by our certified translators, who are fluent in both English and your native language. This guarantees accuracy and cultural relevance.

Certification Letter

Our translator prepares a letter certifying the translation is complete, and meets all USCIS standards.

Standard Format

The letter includes the date, translator’s credentials, signature, and statement of accuracy. This validates the fidelity of the translation.

Final Review

Before attaching the certification letter, we conduct a final review to confirm the translation and letter meet USCIS requirements.

Good USCIS Translation- Translation Shop
Bad USCIS Translation
Get USCIS Compliant Translation Certificate
Generic certification that doesn’t meet USCIS Guidelines
Accurate and faithful to the original
FormattingUSCIS Guidelines
Contains errors or inconsistencies
Translator Qualifications
Performed by a professionally qualified translator
Done by an unqualified individual
Maintains the same format as the original document
Formatting differs from the original document
USCIS Guidelines
Fully adheres to USCIS standards and guidelines
Fails to meet USCIS standards and guidelines
Don’t risk your USCIS application with Bad Translation. We specializes in high-quality certified USCIS translations that meet all the USCIS Guidelines
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$23.99 / Per Page
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What is USCIS Translation?

USCIS translation refers to the English language translations of foreign language documents that must be submitted along with certain immigration applications and petitions to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
Specifically, if a document submitted to USCIS is not in English, the applicant or petitioner must provide a full English translation that meets the following USCIS requirements:

  • The translation must be a complete, accurate, and literal translation, without any omissions or editing of the foreign language document.
  • The translation must be certified by the translator in a signed statement affirming their competency to translate and certifying that the translation is complete and accurate.
  • The original foreign language document must be provided along with the certified English translation

Certified USCIS translation is required for USCIS to accept and approve applications and petitions requiring foreign documents. It’s a critical part of the immigration process.

Requirements for USCIS Certified Translation

For acceptance and approval, certified USCIS translations must meet specific requirements:

  • Performed by a professional translator fluent in English and your native language
  • The translator must provide a signed certificate of complete and accurate translation
  • The certificate includes the translator’s credentials, contact information, signature
  • USCIS may require the certificate to be notarized by a notary public

The translator must understand USCIS translation rules to ensure compliance.

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Why USCIS Requires Certified Translation?

USCIS only accepts documents in English, with a few exceptions. Certified and notarized translations prove to USCIS that foreign documents contain true, accurate information.

It prevents misinterpretation, errors, and fraud. USCIS relies on certified translations to make high-stakes visa decisions, green cards, naturalization, and more.

Without a certified USCIS translation, your application could face the following issues.

  • Delays or rejection
  • Requests for additional evidence
  • Denial of your immigration petition

Don’t risk your application over a lack of certified translation.

Wondering How Much Will Your Translation Cost?

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Certified USCIS Document Translation

Translation Shop provides certified USCIS translations for 80+ languages. Our team of certified translators follows strict translation and proofreading to ensure it meets USCIS requirements for accredited translations. We guarantee quality and can be trusted for required certified USCIS translations.

USCIS Certified Translations in
80+ Languages

We provide USCIS-certified translation in 75+ languages, including Spanish, French, German, and many more. We also offer certified USCIS translation services in less common languages globally.

Our USCIS-certified translators accurately translate documents into any required language while maintaining integrity, accuracy, and context. Our certified translations meet USCIS acceptance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents need certified translation for USCIS?

Any foreign documents submitted to USCIS require certified English translation, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, death certificates, adoption records, court rulings, academic transcripts, medical exams, financial statements, and proof of identity/relationship docs.

How much does a USCIS-certified translation cost?

On average, expect to pay $23.99 per page for USCIS-certified translation, but costs vary based on language, complexity, urgency, and volume. More obscure languages are more expensive. Rush service and notarization add costs.

How long does USCIS translation and certification take?

Most certified USCIS translations are returned within 24 hours. More complex documents may take 2-3 days. Always confirm timeframes with the translation company when requesting a quote.

What is the difference between certified and notarized translation?

A certified translation has a statement confirming its accuracy. A certified notary public also witnesses and attests a notarized translation as an extra authentication seal.

Can I use an uncertified translator for USCIS documents?

No, only translations from certified professionals are accepted by USCIS. Uncertified amateurs risk mistakes, inaccuracy, and rejection.

Do USCIS translations expire?

No, USCIS-certified translations do not expire. However, USCIS may request older translations be re-certified in some cases.

What qualifications should a USCIS translator have?

USCIS translators should have credentials like ATA certification confirming fluency. They need expertise specifically in USCIS document translation and certification requirements.

Can a family member or friend translate my documents?

No, USCIS requires professional certified translators. Amateur translations often contain errors and need more official certification.

Can the translator also provide the certified seal?

Yes, the same translator can translate your documents and provide the certified stamp attesting to accuracy and their credentials.

How do I find the best USCIS translation company?

Look for experienced certified translators with positive reviews. Check they meet USCIS requirements. Compare based on expertise, quality, pricing, and service.

What languages does USCIS accept for translations?

USCIS accepts certified translations in over 75 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, and many more.

Can I expedite the certified translation?

Yes, most companies offer rush service for faster USCIS document translation, usually within 24 hours, for an additional fee.

Does my USCIS translator need the original documents?

USCIS translators can work from scans or photocopies. However, submitting originals allows them to check for fraud and further authenticate documents.

Can USCIS reject my application over translation errors?

Yes, incorrect or inadequate translations are common reasons USCIS rejects applications. Professional certified translation prevents this.

Why should I pay for USCIS translations? Can’t I use free software?

Free online software often mistranslates important details that could derail your application. The cost of professional translation services is worthwhile to ensure approval.

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