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Standard Translation

Standard translation is translating a document or content from one language into another by a professional translator without an official translation certification. They are intended for personal or professional use. We deliver the translations in an easy-to-edit Word document or your preferred format.

While our Standard Translation services do not include a translation certificate, we never compromise on the quality and accuracy of our work. Our skilled translators ensure that every Translation meets the highest standards of professional quality translation, making Translation Shop your go-to partner for all non-certified translation needs.

Standard Translation runs on a pay-per-word pricing based on the length of your document. This pricing is straightforward and budget-friendly. We can handle everything from short, everyday texts to long, detailed reports or other professional content.

Common Use Cases

  • Business (presentations, reports, memos, training manuals)
  • Personal (letters, emails, study materials)
  • Marketing (websites, brochures, ads)
  • Technical (manuals, product descriptions)
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Flexible File Formats

Microsoft Word & PowerPoint

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Excel spreadsheets

Adobe Illustrator

PDF files

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Bulk Translation

Our Simple Process to Get Professional Translations


Upload your files on our order form or email them over. Placing your order takes under 1 minute.


Our experts will translate your documents and send over the translations to review and feedback.


After a quality check, We’ll complete your translation and send it to you in an editable file such as Microsoft word via email.

Get Certified Translation For Only

$0.10 / per word

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Most Orders Delivered in 24 Hours

Use Cases

Browse full list of common document we translate. Simply click on any document type to view more details and access our specialized translation services for that specific document.

Wondering How Much Will Your Translation Cost?

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frequently asked questions

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation includes an official certificate validating its accuracy. Professional translators fluent in the language pair provide a signed certification that the document thoroughly and accurately conveys the content of the original. The attached certificate, which includes translator credentials, confirms the translation meets legal and regulatory standards for official use.

In this shorter version, I focused on the following:

  • Official certificate validating accuracy
  • Signed certificate translator  from professional translators
  • Certificate confirming standards are met
  • Meets legal/regulatory standards
  • For official use

How long does certified translation take?

We can deliver certified translations within 24 hours in most cases. More complex projects with special certification may take 2-3 days. We always discuss expected timeframes when quoting a project.

How much does certified translation cost?

Pricing depends on the language pair, specialty, and document length. Simple certified translations can start around $23.99 per page. Large projects receive personalized quotes. Rush delivery may incur added fees.

What if My Certified Translations Are Incorrect?

If you find any errors or inaccuracies in your certified translations, rest assured that we have quality assurance measures in place. Our dedicated project managers will promptly address any issues or concerns you may have. We offer free revisions to ensure accurate and reliable translations, so you can trust us to resolve any incorrect translations efficiently and effectively.

Are there any differences between a certified translation and a notarized translation?

Yes, there are distinctions between certified translations and notarized translations. A certified translation is accompanied by a signed statement affirming its accuracy, while a notarized translation has been sworn or notarized by a notary public. The type of translation you need depends on the specific requirements of your intended use.

How do you certify a translation?

We include a certificate with translator credentials, signature, contact information, and attestation of accuracy. Pages are numbered, stamped, and initialed. We can also provide notarization and unique verification on request.

What is the definition of official translation?

Official translation” refers to a translation recognized and accepted by an official authority or organization. This type of translation is often required for legal, governmental, or business purposes, where accuracy and authenticity are crucial. An official translation typically includes a certification or statement from a qualified translator or agency affirming the translation is accurate and complete.

Why do I need certified translation services?

Certified translations are required anytime official validation is needed for immigration, legal processes, academics, or professional purposes. Authorities often require certification to confirm translations are complete and accurate.

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