An order can only be refunded if it has not yet been sent to a translator. Orders can only be cancelled when the order status is New. Once your order is assigned to a translator it can no longer be cancelled and no refund will be issued.

Acceptance Policy 

Languex provides certified translations; however, we are not responsible for assessing whether any particular organization, court, government, group, agency, municipality, business or other entity will accept our translations. We do not provide refunds for translations that are rejected by any such body.

Revision Policy

Revisions may be requested to an order by the customer. It is at the discretion of the translator whether the revision modifies the original content or corrects an error in translation. It is not our policy to revise original content. Revisions are free. Revisions must be requested within 30 days of when the order was completed.

Notarization Policy

All notarized orders are notarized in the State of __________.